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Frequent Issues About Your BMW

Where do I find BMW color paint codes?

There are color paint codes that can be found on all BMW vehicles. Unfortunately, BMW puts the codes various places. The code may not always be the easies to find.

You need the color code to confirm you get the exact OEM color formula for your model, make, year and color of your BMW.

Typically, you will need to pop the hood to find the label with the color code.

The label with the paint code can be in various places, but once you find it the color code should be in the lower left corner. Usually the code is three digits, but sometimes there is a slash followed by a fourth digit.

Check Here for a Photo
showing sample labels where the paint code can be found in the vehicle and what you are looking for.

Can I Just Get Any Local Store Paint?

No, if you value your paint and investment in a BMW. You are looking for a paint provider whose expertise is selling original manufacturers paint colors ("OEM"), for BMW cars.

Stores should not have touch up paint sitting around, such as for an 8-year old vehicle. If they do the paint is likely not good to use anymore.

A couple expert auto paint suppliers have high tech shops required to exactly generate the perfect paint color for your BMW.

The suggested paint provider is Automotive Touchup, a Microfinish company, due to their precision capabilities and guarantee to color match your car's color, high quality paint, and affordable prices.

In this table we compare the three main providers of BMW touch up paint: Microfinish, BioPac, and BMW branded paint:

Microfinish BioPac BMW
Guaranteed Color Match Yes Yes No
Custom Colors Available for Faded Paint Yes No No
Paint Made Fresh per Order Yes Yes No
Small Job Bottles Available (1/2 ounce) Yes No Yes
Professional Brush for Easier Application Yes No No
Customer Service Available for Help Yes Yes No
Website Website Website
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Painting Tips:

1. Make sure you have the right color. Do not guess. Ensure you have an exact color match paint.

2. There are three layers of paint: primer, base coat and clear coat. You are probably already familiar with primer. The clear coat helps make sure you finish with a glossy look matching your paint color.

3. Safety. Paint is toxic so make sure you have ventilation, or are outside, and use proper equipment so you do not ingest or inhale paint fumes.

4. Take your time. A rushed job can be a bad job. Allow layers of paint to dry before starting the next layer.

5. Clear the area of dirt and oil, and remove any rust before painting.

Instructions showing how to use a touch up paint pen are this video:

If you need assistance seeing how to tape off a larger area (such as when using an aerosol paint can instead of a paint pen), this video will show you how to use masking tape like a professional.

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About "BMW" Paint

BMW is not a paint company making its own paint. As with many products and parts that go into making a car, BMW outsources paint production to an OEM manufacturer. When it comes to touch up paint, it is unclear where the paint comes from that is put in a bottle with a BMW label on it.

BMW uses a product informational label with a paint code so you can take the code to a professional paint manufacturer like Microfinish.

If there is a problem or you need help, a dealer isn't going to help you fix a scratch over the phone, or guarantee a paint color. With Microfinish you get a color match guarantee, better paint, and customer service to help you when needed.

Interesting BMW Info

BMW started as BFW making engines for airplanes.

The company started during World War I to supply the German air force.

BMW's headquarters are built in the shape of a four-cylinder engine - the original BMW car engine for which it became known for great quality.

The blue and white in the BMW logo are the colors for the German state of Bavaria.

BMW shifted to making car engines instead of airplane engines because the treaty ending World War I barred Germany from making engines that would be used in war planes.

The company was banned from making engines for a time after World War II. BMW sold pots, pans and kitchen supplies.

Bavarian Motor Works is the English translation of Bayerische Motoren Werke

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